SOFC Systems

WATT’s fuel cell systems automatically, efficiently, and quietly generate power, operating on readily available, accessible fuels. Modular and scalable, our solid-state electrochemical systems deliver reliable energy where and when it’s needed.

WATT: The Cutting Edge of Innovation

WATT is leading the charge toward the advanced energy revolution with our disruptive clean power generation technology: solid oxide fuel cells.




Solid State


Fuel/Electric Conversion


Modular & Scalable

Watt - Working all the time


Empower Your Home

Simple, reliable power comes home with WATT’s fuel cell technology, allowing homeowners to control their energy production like never before – even when their power goes down.


Drive Sustainability Initiatives

Natural gas and electric utilities are on a quest to reduce carbon emissions. Increased fuel cell adoption among customers will enable them to reach those goals in both residential and commercial spaces.


Boondock with Confidence

Adventurers can discover new roads and explore the world while WATT’s uniquely independent fuel cell systems complement solar and optimize batteries — users can enjoy quiet, uninterrupted power in even the remotest of places, without the noise and pollution of a generator.

One Power Source. Unlimited Possibilities.