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WATT Fuel Cell is a privately held corporation founded in 2010.  WATT’s innovative solid-oxide fuel cell technology design has yielded a broad intellectual property portfolio covering all aspects and components of WATT’s industry-disruptive systems.  WATT’s proprietary additive manufacturing process (AMP) has allowed them to produce commercially viable SOFC products for small scale and remote power applications. WATT’s Hybrid Power Management system works in tandem with renewable power sources (solar & wind) and energy storage to provide quiet, efficient, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions prioritizing a return on investment for customers across the globe.

WATT is proud to partner with our existing customers and investors and continues to grow.


Largest natural gas producer in the U.S. Driving force in the energy transition.


Largest manufacturer of home backup generators. Large market, proven sales & brand awareness. Omni channel distribution.

Hope Gas

Provides natural gas service to 140,000 residential, industrial, and commercial customers in West Virginia.


Provides natural gas service to 750,000 homes and businesses in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

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