WATT Fuel Cell Markets

Small-Scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Solutions

WATT’s fuel cell systems are modular and can scale to suit all your power needs. WATTs fuel cell systems can be implanted for primary power or UPS configurations. 

WATT pairs with solar and energy storage creating a hybrid, optimized power system.  When more power is needed – multiple WATT systems can be stacked and combined to meet all your small-scale power demands.

Residential Fuel Cells

WATT Residential Systems

Working directly with utilities - WATT is powering peace of mind - providing homes with primary power or uninterrupted power supply. Supporting homeowners and utilities as they meet growing energy demands.

Remote Fuel Cell Systems

WATT Remote Systems

WATT can power critical remote applications, limited today by power availability or reliability. Fit for rail, telecom, oil & gas, and military applications.

WATT Recreational Systems

WATT Recreational Systems

WATT powers the ultimate outdoor adventures onboth land and water. Avoiding the limits of existing solar + battery and generator solutions.

Strategic Partners and Investors


Largest natural gas producer in the U.S. Driving force in the energy transition.


Largest manufacturer of home backup generators. Large market, proven sales & brand awareness. Omni channel distribution.

Hope Gas

Provides natural gas service to 140,000 residential, industrial, and commercial customers in West Virginia.


Provides natural gas service to 750,000 homes and businesses in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky.