Recreational Fuel Cell Systems

Noticeably Unnoticeable Operation

Working All The Time.

Using readily available propane, the WATT NOMAD system provides clean, simple, quiet power that protects the environment while explorers enjoy it, making conventional generators a thing of the past. 

RV and Marine manufacturers and after market solution providers can meet customer power demands unlike ever before with the WATT NOMAD.

WATT Recreational Systems

Market Fit

Give Your Customers the Ultimate Power Solution

Recreational Vehicles

With WATT NOMAD clean fuel cell technology, campers can peacefully achieve their traveling goals, anytime, anywhere.

Outdoor adventure has exploded in popularity, with people seeking more active, rewarding experiences than ever in our natural environment – including the ultimate off-grid adventures.  With a reported 5x increase since 2019 in campers who have trouble finding campsites – boondocking adventures are more frequent.   WATT NOMAD provides power when and where it’s needed – no matter where the road takes you.

WATT NOMAD Installation
Marine WATT Installation


Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or planning on anchoring out, you can be sure that WATT NOMAD is always operating to serve you on-demand power 24/7.

Using onboard propane, WATT NOMAD will generate all the onboard power you need for your electronic systems, lighting, and battery supply/charging.

Working in tandem with your solar power (optional) and batteries, our lightweight, reliable, load-following fuel cell power unit will make your boating adventures worry-free, energy-secure, and environmentally friendly.

What can WATT do for you?

WATT is a leading contributor of ideas and technologies that seeks to develop advanced energy solutions for significant energy matters. WATT designs, develops and manufactures small-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems that economically generate clean, reliable power at the point of use.