Remote Fuel Cell Systems

Flexible Power for Every Operation

Working All The Time.

WATT is engineering the new age of clean, quiet energy generation that efficiently delivers an uninterrupted power supply, replacing undesirable diesel engines, backup power units, and weather-vulnerable transmission lines.

WATT REMOTE Fuel Cell Systems are scalable and stackable, delivering load-following power when and where it’s needed – with or without power from the grid, in tandem with batteries and solar (optional).

Remote Fuel Cell Systems

Market Fit

Give Your Customers the Ultimate Power Solution

Rail & Transit Remote Power

WATT Remote Fuel Cell System keep critical loads powered ensuring safety and reliability of rail and transit systems including:

  • Highway Crossings
  • Intermediate Signals
  • Control Points
  • Telecom Base Stations


Rail & Transit Remote Power
Oil and Gas Remote Power

Oil and Gas Remote Power

WATT Remote Fuel Cell Systems ensure communication and monitoring remain reliable for critical upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas customers including applications for:

  • Backup power systems for SCADA equipment
  • Remote telemetry & monitoring
  • Valve protection/Injection pumps
  • Security/Surveillance


Critical Infrastructure Power

WATT Remote Fuel Cell Systems ensures consistent reliable power for mission critical infrastructure such as:

  • Remote telecom sites
  • Weather stations
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Security & surveillance systems
Critical Infrastructure Power

What can WATT do for you?

WATT is a leading contributor of ideas and technologies that seeks to develop advanced energy solutions for significant energy matters. WATT designs, develops and manufactures small-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems that economically generate clean, reliable power at the point of use.