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Working All The Time.

Clean, reliable fuel cell power comes home – for brighter neighborhoods and uninterrupted power that is Working All The Time.  The future of electric power is coming home in the form of combustion-free, low-emission fuel cells.

WATT HOME creates an independent power generation network with the ability to combine optional renewable energy (solar) and energy storage (batteries).

WATT HOME is a reliable, affordable, compact unit that makes electricity right at home.

WATT Residential Unit

Lead Sustainability Initiatives with Fuel Cells

Natural gas and electric utilities, are on a quest to decarbonize.  Fuel cells are a quantum leap in utility decarbonization. The impact of fuel cells on utility carbon reduction is dramatic – for both the utility and its residential customers.

Clean power from combustion-free fuel cells running on natural gas, blended natural gas & hydrogen, and eventually pure hydrogen can significantly help utilities address their goals for Scope 3 emissions by increasing the adoption of fuel cells in residential homes.

WATT HOME systems provide utilities an opportunity to support customer adoption of fuel cells for primary power generation or uninterruptable power supply.  Avoided emissions for using both fuel cells and hybrid (with solar) fuel cell WATT solutions is shown in the example data below.

Energy Configuration Graph

Utility Customers

Give Your Residential Customers the Ultimate Power Solution

Gas Utilities

More than 189 million Americans rely on natural gas because it’s affordable, reliable and safe.  As natural gas utilities stive to drive down emissions and help achieve energy and environmental goals, WATT HOME fuel cell systems offer natural gas utilities an unprecedented solution to drive those goals forward from the heart of their customers homes.  Natural gas utility fuel cell program benefits include:

  • Reduced GHG emissions through fuel cell system supply implementation.
  • Technology adoption today ready for hydrogen blending tomorrow.
  • New energy efficient solutions for the utility customer base.
  • Reliable energy supply from undergrounded natural gas infrastructure.
Gas Utility
Electric Utility

Electric Utilities

As electric utilities strive to meet ambitious electrification and decarbonization goals, in-home distributed WATT HOME systems provide an unmatched solution.  With the capability to provide baseload primary power or reliability as a service with uninterrupted power solutions, WATT HOME systems enable electric utilities to serve their customers unlike ever before.  Electric utility WATT HOME system adoption benefits include:

  • Reduced GHG emissions through fuel cell system supply implementation.
  • The ability to address grid congestion or insufficient supply with distributed residential fuel cells.
  • Localized deployment to avoid expensive grid infrastructure upgrades.
  • Reliable power when and where it’s needed most.

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What can WATT do for you?

WATT is a leading contributor of ideas and technologies that seeks to develop advanced energy solutions for significant energy matters. WATT designs, develops and manufactures small-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems that economically generate clean, reliable power at the point of use.