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Clean, reliable fuel cell power comes home – for brighter neighborhoods and uninterrupted power that is Working All The Time.

The future of electric power is coming to neighborhoods in the form of combustion-free, low-emission fuel cells. WATT’s Imperium® Fuel Cell System creates an independent power generation network with the ability to combine optional renewable energy (solar) and energy storage (batteries). WATT’s Imperium system is a reliable, affordable, compact unit that makes electricity right at home, anytime, anywhere.

For retail and other commercial businesses, the efficiency, reliability, and economics of fuel cell technology will deliver across the green spectrum, from emissions to cost savings. Make your business energy-independent and secure with WATT’s technology.

WATT’s simple, solid-state electrochemical process produces clean power with no disruption from weather events. Fuel cells help achieve energy independence and security for all.

The residential Imperium system operates using natural gas.

Interested? Contact your Utility provider with inquiries.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a tool that uses the electric grid to “store” excess energy produced by the fuel cell system, like solar panel systems. Through net metering, the energy that is produced and unused is sold back to the grid. Customers are then only billed for their “net” energy usage.

Net Metering Chart
Non Net Metering Chart

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