WATT Fuel Cell Achieves ETL Certification

MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa., June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WATT Fuel Cell Corp (“WATT”) announced their new 1500W Imperium® Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System received ETL certification to operate on either natural gas or liquid propane gas. The system’s ETL certification complies to North American safety standards.

“The certification process is extensive; it scrutinizes the entire system. However, by combining lessons learned from the certification of our 500W systems back in 2018 and our patented safety system, WATT’s engineering team was able to execute, successfully and efficiently, without the need for any system revisions,” said Caine Finnerty, WATT’s President, COO, and founder. “It further validates the product’s safety and prepares us to begin full commercialization.”

This larger Imperium system creates additional commercial opportunities in the residential, RV, telecom, and rail markets. Certification to ANSI/CSA American FCI, UL-1741 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 107.1 standards allow WATT to begin deploying its systems in the field.

“These certifications continue our momentum as we prepare for commercial deployment of Imperium fuel cell systems,” said Rich Romer, WATT’s CEO. “WATT’s new systems are currently in bench testing, incorporating knowledge gained from field tests completed with Peoples Gas.”

WATT’s sleek residential systems work in conjunction with the power grid to provide clean reliable power. “Technology solutions like this combustion-free fuel cell power generator, which works with natural gas or hydrogen, are critical to our energy evolution. Not only will these residential fuel cells evolve us closer to a distributed grid network, but they will also advance efforts to provide cleaner, more efficient and reliable energy to homes across the region,” said Toby Z. Rice, EQT’s President and Chief Executive Officer, who joined WATT’s Board of Directors in February 2022. “We look forward to our continued work with WATT, as the Company begins introducing fuel cells for residential customers across Appalachia and beyond.”

With these certifications, WATT will continue to expand its pursuit of customers and partnerships with natural gas utilities, RV OEMs, and industrial/commercial power users.

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