WATT Reveals New Portable Hybrid Power Manager

Mount Pleasant, PA, February 8, 2016 — “Working All the Time” (WATT) Fuel Cell Corporation is proud to unveil the beta version of its first commercial hybrid portable fuel cell at the Progressive® Insurance Strictly Sail® Miami show February 11-15, 2016. The hybrid power manager can operate as a standalone fuel cell power generator or in a highly efficient, integrated mode by using both readily-available hydrocarbon fuel and renewable energy inputs to maximize overall efficiency and output. The system’s compact footprint, transportable weight (less than 30 pounds) and quiet operation make it an ideal portable power solution for marine, RV and remote power applications.

“Our portable fuel cell is designed to generate power cleanly, quietly and effectively, without noise or the smell of exhaust,” said Caine Finnerty, Ph.D., President and CEO, WATT. “The system is smart too; it monitors your power usage and automatically charges your batteries using the most efficient power source available at the time, drastically reducing fuel consumption. Best of all, it will keep boaters and campers safe and comfortable—knowing they have access to electricity exactly when and where they need it.”

Key attributes of WATT’s hybrid power management system include:

Power On Demand: WATT’s fuel cell system cleanly and efficiently operates on readily available and accessible fuels, such as propane, and integrates seamlessly to manage your renewable power sources.

Market-Leading Run Time: With WATT’s fuel cell, a 20-pound tank of propane would last between 5 and 14 days, depending on the load, and produce over 3400 Amp hours (Ah) of charge capacity, which is equivalent to over 80 batteries (standard 80 Ah) since the optimum discharge for a lead acid battery is only 50% before permanent damage is observed.

Clean and Efficient: WATT’s fuel cell is recognized as “green” by government institutions because of its highly-efficient and low-emission operation.

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