Innovative Fuel Cell Technology

Industry-Leading Additive Manufacturing Process

Industry Leaders

WATT is leading the game with our innovation, technology, and manufacturing excellence.

WATT is relentlessly innovating; our fuel cells are the foundation of our technology and our company, and our disruptive solid oxide fuel cell technology proves – big things often come in small packages.

WATT Fuel Cell
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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Additive Manufacturing

WATT’s SOFCs are ceramic-based and tubular, enabling them to thermal cycle and load follow.  We develop, design, and manufacture our fuel cells at WATT using our patented Additive Manufacturing Process (AMP). 

Just like 3D printing, AMP gives us the power to fine-tune manufacturing down to the tiniest detail giving us control at the microstructure level.

The WATT Manufacturing Advantage

WATT’s AMP manufacturing not only drives our continued innovation but also sets us up to scale our operations, meet our customer growth demands, and drive down costs.

  • 90% less time vs. conventional SOFC manufacturing
  • Higher yield vs. conventional processing
  • Cell strength, durability, quality
  • 24/7 printing capabilities
  • Fully automatic production
  • Vision QC system – no human contact
  • Material recovery, recycling ability
  • High scalability with minimal space claim
The WATT Manufacturing Advantage

The WATT Manufacturing Advantage – Click to enlarge

What can WATT do for you?

WATT is a leading contributor of ideas and technologies that seeks to develop advanced energy solutions for significant energy matters. WATT designs, develops and manufactures small-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems that economically generate clean, reliable power at the point of use.