Uniquely Innovative Technology

WATT strives to continuously advance our technology and achieve competitive differentiation: one such advancement was perfecting our proprietary Additive Manufacturing Process (AMP).

Our Company’s AMP, similar to 3D printing, allows us to control manufacturing at the microstructural level, causing our advanced tubular cell technology to far outperform traditional Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems. AMP enables low-cost design innovation and positions WATT to scale and drive down cost as commercial manufacturing ramps up to meet demand. This edge positions WATT’s systems as commercially viable in multiple markets.

WATT’s SOFCs aren’t like other market standard fuel cells: they’re more. More efficient, more reliable, and more resilient, when and where they’re needed – in homes and businesses, on RVs and boats, and at remote industrial sites.

This results in the most commercially viable 1.25kW-10kW SOFC fuel cell systems that utilize partial oxidation (POX).

One Power Source. Unlimited Possibilities.