Benefits & Advantages

The Hydrogen Energy Economy is on its Way

Fuel cells offer a commercially and environmentally viable path toward a future of cleaner energy.

While renewable energy sources like solar and wind are great, they remain reliant on the weather’s cooperation and generate a significant carbon footprint during material creation, transportation, and construction processes.

Hydrogen is the most plentiful element on Earth and has the potential to be the fuel to lever current abundant, affordable hydrocarbon energy sources. However, current pipelines are unable to support pure hydrogen, creating the need for a transitional option. Blending hydrogen generated by reforming natural gas or water electrolysis with natural gas can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions – and WATT’s Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) can process these transitional fuels.

With SOFCs at the center of our evolving energy solutions, we can create a hybrid network that levers a full range of power generation options to balance the relative strengths of each: one that works in tandem with solar power (optional) when it’s available, stores power in batteries to offset greater need, generates electricity even when the grid goes down and utilizes technology that can support blended fuels now and will support pure hydrogen in the future.

WATT’s Fuel Cells: Benefits and Advantages

Fuel cells mark a dramatic clean energy technology breakthrough, providing clean electrical energy directly from stored chemical energy found in fuels.

Comparatively, generators create mechanical energy by combusting fuels, which is then converted into electricity via an alternator. Aside from electricity, however, conventional generators also create noise, vibrations, and dangerous fumes, and require regular maintenance.

The benefits of fuel cells include:

  • High Reliability – Unlike wind and solar, fuel cell power is always available.
  • Fuel Flexibility – Natural gas, propane, renewable natural gas, or hydrogen.
  • Low Emissions – Virtually zero criteria pollutants (NOx and SOx, ozone, fine particulates).
  • Quiet Operation – Virtually no discernible noise (45 dB at 3 feet).
  • Battery Charging – Automatic battery state monitoring and charge management assures reserve battery power.
  • Modular Design – Add additional modular fuel cells to meet increased electricity needs.
  • No Backup Generators Needed – Eliminate noisy, polluting backup generators with a resilient, natural gas-powered electricity source right in the home.

One Power Source. Unlimited Possibilities.