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The Simple Solution with Powerful Results

Simple. Powerful. Effective. The worldwide demand for a dependable power source finds its answer in WATT’s Nemesis Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) System .

With remote locations unable to connect to the grid and requiring a power source, a reliable solution to provide power during operational hours for minimal to maximum output is needed. Unfortunately, bad weather, seasonal variations, and even the time of day can negatively affect installed solar and wind technologies; even batteries, the incumbent energy storage solution, can become expensive with frequent replacement because of the consequences of these effects.

The loss of power is a loss of time; a loss of time is a loss of profits.

Nemesis Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Systems automatically, efficiently and quietly provide clean power on demand. The Nemesis system creates power from natural gas and propane, readily-available and easily-accessible fuels. Its Hybrid Energy Power Manager combines the advantages of solar energy with the “always on” capability of the fuel cell to manage the power and maintain the batteries at optimal charge. Lost profit over loss of power is minimized to the point of inscrutability with the uninterrupted power supplied by WATT.

Nemesis offers an effective and simple solution to the bottom line, Working All The Time for your remote power needs.