Full-Sail Power for the Outward-Bound

Integrated Power Control in Uncontrollable Conditions

WATT allows you to generate your own onboard power. From starting the engines to supplying power to all electronic systems and lighting, WATT keeps all of your marine batteries and battery banks charged at sea. No noise. No dangerous emissions. With up to 1000 watts of output, WATT is ideal for keeping all-systems-go for both short outings and long cruises. The WATT hybrid power management system is always working and generating the power you need, so you remain safe at sea.

Watt Imperium

Complete Flexibility and Peace of Mind.

Unlike typical generators, WATT quietly and efficiently creates clean energy with no toxic fumes. WATT’s innovative fuel cell system operates on readily available and accessible fuels, such as propane, and integrates seamlessly to manage your renewable power sources—no need to dock and plug-in to charge. Power your sailboat or yacht with WATT and sail in comfort and luxury every leg of the voyage.