WATT’s Nemesis™ System

WATT’s Nemesis™ System

Clean, simple electric power where and when it’s needed: reliably, efficiently, and quietly.

WATT’s Nemesis fuel cell system is solid-state simple: fuel goes in, DC power comes out*. The adaptable Nemesis system is a 1.25kW Solid Oxide fuel cell system operating on propane to charge the batteries and keep the electrical systems up and running.

The Nemesis fuel cell system augments solar and optimizes batteries without noisy diesel backup power generators, making boondocking and anchoring out more independent than ever before. This means reliable, uninterrupted energy independence for every trip that keeps batteries charged and electrical systems up and running, no matter where travelers go.

The Nemesis unit is also perfect for remote industrial, rail, oil & gas, security & surveillance, telecommunication, and military applications.

*Along with a small amount of water (steam), heat, and exhaust


One Power Source. Unlimited Possibilities.