WATT’s Residential Imperium® Fuel Cell System

WATT’s Imperium® System

Clean, simple electric power for your home.

WATT’s Imperium fuel cell system is solid-state simple: fuel goes in, electricity comes out*. The Imperium Residential System is a 1.5kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell that operates on natural gas.

The Imperium creates a future of no power disruption or noisy diesel backup power generators, and recovery from weather events with power that’s always on. This means clean, reliable, and uninterrupted energy independence for homeowners that keeps systems running and batteries charged.

WATT’s on-site power generation enables residential homeowners and commercial businesses to save money on their utility bills and expand their horizons. The Imperium works with the electrical grid, augmenting and supplementing it via virtual power plants, generating efficient, clean, reliable power right where users need it most.

*Along with a small amount of water (steam), heat, and exhaust

One Power Source. Unlimited Possibilities.